February Digest: How Athletes Build Strength and Do the Incredible

This February, we've already seen some inspiring performance from an unexpected athlete. Tia-Clair Toomey, the six-time CrossFit Games champion and current pregancy superstar has bravely taken on two Open Workouts in her sixth month!  Details below.

Pregnant CrossFit Open Workouts

It turned out that Tia-Clair Toomey's pregnancy is not at all a reason not to participate in the CrossFit Open. In the sixth month, the six-time CrossFit Games champion has already completed two workouts.

Despite the challenges she had to face, Tia Toumi gave it her all in CrossFit's Workout In Workout 23.1 and 2! She completed 180 repetitions on her first workout - seven more than when she debuted back in 2014. Even with difficulties doing burpees because of a larger abdomen, she absolutely crushed both workouts for an incredible performance that proves each training session is becoming increasingly challenging!


Separately, I would like to warn pregnant athletes of the desire to follow the example of Toomey. In the normal course of pregnancy, it is important not to drastically reduce the amount of training, but to do it gradually, based on your feelings. Which is what Toomey does. But her physical form before pregnancy was incredible. Even with reduced performance, she is in the top 10 of the best crossfitters in the world.

First Records in CrossFit Open

An amazing result was shown by the American crossfitter Graciano Rubio in Workout 23.2 | Part B - Men's Rx'd Division. In the second part of the workout, he performed a 170.1 kg (375 lb) thruster. Before that, in the first part, he completed 119 repetitions in the workout Part A: 5 burpees + pull-ups and 10 shuttle runs, the maximum number of rounds. And if in the first part of the workout he did not achieve outstanding results, then in the second he became a leader.

But the most amazing thing is that two days before, Graciano Rubio posted a video on his Instagram in which he performs a 183.7 kg (405 lb) thruster.

Olympic Games 2024: Competition Intensifies

Iranian 2016 Olympic weightlifting champion Sohrab Moradi is ready to compete for a license for the upcoming games. After winning in Rio de Janeiro, he confidently walked to a new victory, winning the 2017 and 2018 World Championships. However, he did not play in the 2020 games due to a shoulder injury. So heavy that he was ready to end his sports career.

Olympic Games 2024

After a successful rehabilitation period, Sohrab Moradi is back in the game and ready to compete! In May, this 34-year-old athlete with an impressive comeback story will be putting his skills on full display at the Asian Championships in Jinju, South Korea. It's sure to be an epic event as he chases for that coveted license after years away from competition.

February was so promising.

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