June digest: New levels and high victories

Over the past month, a new level has emerged in the weightlifting world, and Ukrainian athletes continue to impress at international competitions. Although their homes and training areas are still bombed every day.

Breaking the world record in the snatch. Unofficially

2020 Uzbek Olympic champion Akbar Juraev set a world record in the snatch by snatching 205 kg! True, this event took place during training so it isn't officially counted. But you can see video footage from several angles on his personal Instagram account and UZBEK WEIGHTLIFTING TEAM's social media pages – both official ones.

The current world record for weightlifting in the 109kg category is held by Yang Zhe from China with a lift of 200kg (2018). However, Juraev just managed to beat him! With 5 kg more than what was previously thought possible at first glance.

If some athletes managed to repeat the result of 200 kg, then no one has come close to 205 kg even with various support accessories options. Due to the training video, Akbar Juraev used straps and other accessories to help him lift heavier weights but even with this support he still managed an impressive 205 kg, he has a chance to go down in history.

WBCM lift straps

Lifting Straps

CrossFit Games 2022 Record Claim

The CrossFit Games finals are yet to come, and athletes are already setting records. At the CrossFit Semifinals, 22-year-old Brazilian Guilherme Malheiros lifted 152 kilos (335) in the first attempt and 356 pounds (162 kilos) in the third (he missed the second) with relative ease.

The complex consisted of the following movements:

  • 3 cleans
  • 2 front squats
  • 1 jerk

In principle, the result is predictable. In past games, he was the only male athlete to lift 305 pounds with the perfect technique with ease. It seems that this year there will be no intrigue in this section of the competition either. It seems that this year there will be no intrigue in this section of the competition either.

Reebok is giving away cash prizes at CrossFit Games 2022

Last year's experience inspired the company, and at this year's competitions, the winners will again receive additional cash prizes on behalf of the brand:

  • $12,000
  • $1,200 Masters, Teens, Adaptive Divisions

If you are going to games at Madison and wish to participate in the Reebok rewards program, please complete the following conditions:

Please note that the bonus is not awarded in sections where they compete without shoes. For example, in swimming. Bonuses for different sections are summed up. Last year, Canadian CrossFit player Patrick Wellner raised $32,000 in the rewards program.

The company also allocated a budget of $50,000 for fan bonuses. But how and for what they will be counted has not yet been disclosed.

Grateful and inspired

Ukrainian athletes continue to amaze with fortitude and victories. In psychologically and physically difficult conditions, they prepare for world starts and bring gold medals to the country:

  • The Ukrainian artistic swimming team became the first in the combined group at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest (Hungary). The judges rated the performance of the Ukrainians at 95.0333 points. This is almost 1.5 points more than the Japanese athletes who took silver.
  • At the European Fencing Championship in Antalya (Turkey), the Ukrainian team took third place in the team division. We won four medals, including the gold of Vlada Kharkova, who became the European champion.
  • The Ukrainian judo team became the first at the European Championship in Poreč (Croatia). In the final meeting among the cadets in the mixed team tournament, the Ukrainians defeated the French with a score of 4:1.

Ukrainian athletes

Let's make a stand with Ukraine and help bring its main victory closer!

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