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October Digest: Weightlifting and Strength Sports Highlights

October Digest: Weightlifting and Strength Sports Highlights

October was a month packed with exciting developments in the world of weightlifting and strength sports. From securing weightlifting's place at the 2028 Olympics to triumphant athlete comebacks and Nike's foray into strength equipment, we've got the highlights covered. Let's dive into these stories in more detail.

Weightlifting Secured for LA 2028 Olympics

The world of weightlifting is set to take center stage at the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed its inclusion. This news comes as a ray of hope for countless weightlifting enthusiasts and athletes worldwide.

The decision to include weightlifting in the program follows recommendations from the IOC Executive Board and the Olympic Program Commission. It signifies a vital step toward securing the dreams and ambitions of millions of athletes and provides much-needed certainty for all stakeholders of the sport.

Image courtesy LA 2028

This decision reflects the substantial progress made in governance and anti-doping reform under the leadership of the refreshed IWF Executive Board, elected in June of the previous year. As the weightlifting community eagerly awaits this exciting event, it's clear that this sport's legacy will continue to grow.

Patrick Vellner Triumphs at Rogue Invitational 2023

The Rogue Invitational 2023, a global competition that attracts elite athletes, recently concluded with a surprising outcome. In the men's overall standings, Patrick Vellner held a 65-point advantage over the reigning Fittest Man on Earth, Jeffrey Adler, before the last competition. The small point margin proved to be enough for Vellner to clinch the championship in 2023.

A brief history lesson reveals that this is actually Vellner's second title at the Rogue Invitational, with the first one won in 2020. Although Jeffrey Adler couldn't overcome the gap from the current champion, he managed to reduce the deficit significantly. The key factor behind Vellner's victory was his consistent performance at the top in most of the competitions presented to the viewers.

What's remarkable is that Patrick Vellner never won an individual event within the Rogue Invitational 2023, but he consistently finished in the top three four times.

Both Vellner and Adler consistently placed in the top ten in all but one event. However, Vellner's frequent appearances in the top three, as opposed to Adler's two victories, underscore the significance of consistency in achieving ultimate victory in elite competitions.

Karlos Nasar's Remarkable Comeback

The story of Karlos Nasar is one of resilience and comeback. Five months ago, after the European Championship in Yerevan, this nineteen-year-old weightlifter suffered a severe Achilles injury, casting a shadow of uncertainty over his promising career. The injury left his fans disheartened, but Nasar's journey was far from over.


In a remarkable comeback, Karlos Nasar recently won the "Milena Dobrev Memorial." His impressive lifts of 165 kilograms in the snatch and an additional 200 kilograms in the clean and jerk totaled 365 kilograms. This outstanding performance secured his first-place position, earning him 424 points according to the Sinclair system.

Karlos Nasar's story is a testament to the resilience and determination of athletes in the face of adversity. His return to competitive weightlifting serves as an inspiration to all those who face setbacks in their athletic careers. The future holds great promise for this young athlete, and the weightlifting world eagerly awaits his next triumph.

Nike's Expansion into Strength Equipment

Nike, a global sports and fitness giant, has ventured into the world of strength sports by introducing a subsidiary company, Nike Strength. This new subsidiary aims to diversify the fitness market by specializing in various training equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks, and more. Additionally, Nike Strength plans to offer high-tech equipment like treadmills for home gyms.

Notably, Nike Strength is not limited to traditional equipment; they are set to release specialty weighted clothing. The company's vision is to combine style with practicality, much like its parent company.

The company has already released its first wave of products, including kettlebells up to 88 pounds, dumbbells up to 100 pounds, bars of various weights, and change plates ranging from 1.25 to 10 pounds. They also offer a selection of squat racks, providing a comprehensive range of equipment for fitness enthusiasts.

Weightlifting at the 2023 Pan American Games

The weightlifting competitions at the 2023 Pan American Games held in Santiago, Chile, showcased the incredible talent and dedication of athletes from across the Americas. The event took place at the Gimnasio Chimkowe between October 21 and 24, 2023, and featured a total of 10 events, with five for men and five for women.

A significant change in this edition was the merger of some weight categories. The men's 67kg and 73kg categories were combined, as were the men's 109kg and +109kg categories. Similarly, the women's 55kg and 59kg categories were merged, along with the women's 87kg and +87kg categories.

A total of 137 competitors from 26 nations participated in the event, demonstrating the growing interest and participation in weightlifting in the Pan American region.

The competition was intense, with athletes vying for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Colombia led the medal tally, securing three gold medals, three silver medals, and zero bronze, demonstrating their dominance in the sport. Venezuela, the United States, and the Dominican Republic also claimed multiple medals, showcasing the competitive spirit of the Pan American weightlifters.

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