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As you know, circadian rhythms are inherent in all organisms that live on our planet, including humans. They are mainly due to changes in ambient temperature and light as a result of the rotation of the planet around its axis, and have different manifestations in life.

Circadian rhythms are associated with the temperature of a person's body, the activity of her hormones and heart, a person's ability to work, etc. The usual rhythm of different functions lasts, as a rule, twenty-four hours. At the same time, external synchronizers, as a person's lifestyle, day and night shifts, physical activity, diet plan, affect the formation of a stable circadian rhythm.

The effectiveness and appearance of mental and physical abilities vary greatly at different times of the day. The best time to use the maximum capabilities of your body is from 13:00 to 18:00, the worst - from 02:00 to 05:00. At the same time, these time intervals may differ from person to person. In particular, the athlete's heart rate when resting can fluctuate up to thirty percent. In addition, in the morning to some extent decreases the psychomotor activity of man.

It has been proven that there is a connection between the body temperature of sportsmen and their physical and functional capabilities. At the same time, professional weightlifters may have a specific rhythm that depends on the time they train. This difference may be minimal for those weightlifters who typically perform strength training in the morning. Moreover, regular training in the morning can lead to the fact that at seven or eight o'clock in the morning the results of weightlifters will be better than in the evening or during the day.

Strength trainings in the morning, afternoon and evening have their specific features that must be taken into account. For example, the easiest way to learn the basics of new technique will be until noon - from about 10:00 to 12:00. After all, it is at this time that your brain is best prepared to absorb new information, the highest level of positive mood and well-being is observed. The highest level of psychological indicators, which depends on the level of cortisol and catecholamines, is observed in the morning.

In turn, exercises that are designed to increase speed, coordination and strength, as well as to develop joint mobility are best performed in the range between 16:00 and 18:00. At this time of day, the athlete can make the most of the increased activity of his body.

Experienced trainers advise training endurance only in the evening - from 16:00 to 19:00. Athletes at this time often have the highest level of oxygen consumption, the maximum rate of pulmonary ventilation, a high level of cardiac output, etc. At the same time, the sportsman copes more easily with fatigue, because his recovery is more intense. If you train twice a day, the greatest strength load should be given in the afternoon. Such information is invaluable for those weightlifters who plan more than one training a day.

Fluctuations in productivity and performance indicators largely depend on the daily changes in the athlete's vegetative functions. If the time of strength training coincides with the peak of activity of your body, your performance will be higher than in the case of strength training at other times.

Every weightlifter must constantly make sure that the start time of his training does not change, because the planned power loads, which change frequently, lead to a significant reduction in the level of performance of sportsmen and impair their recovery. And this can have a bad effect on the quality, productivity and effectiveness of training. The weightlifter must change the start time of training only on the eve of international competitions, which will require getting used to a different time zone or different schedule of the day.

If a weightlifter or his coach changes the start time of strength training, it causes a constant change in the rhythm of the athlete's efficiency. Strength and speed skills are the first to adapt to such changes. In ten to fifteen days, the weightlifter shows the highest results in the new training time. His endurance is rebuilt a little later - in about three weeks.

This may surprise you, but according to scientific research, the best alteration and synchronization of the athlete's biorhythm occurs through communication with other people. This means that team training and active exchange of tips and hints during them are exactly what you need!

Keep your Body Warm and Mind Cold!!

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