The New Year's Digest

The New Year's Digest is a great way to stay informed about what’s going on in the strength sports world. In this article, you'll find several significant events that happened over Christmas break as well as some interesting things happening right now!

CrossFit Fires Dave Castro

The CEO of CrossFit Inc, Eric Rosa has been forced to fire Dave Castro. The general manager who invented the Games and in 15 years brought them from a small town level all while creating an event that is now world class sporting discipline with his own two hands has to be replaced. 

The CrossFit community was no longer surprised after leaving the company in 2020 by direction creator Greg Glassman. For him, it became a forced move following his statement that many considered racist and led to top athletes refusing participation in the Games and key sponsor Reebok discontinued cooperation with them, until they sold off their company.

The CrossFit Games are about to start, and everyone's wondering why Dave Castro was fired. No one knows for sure except that it has something to do with this new season of competition which starts on February 24th! Dave Castro really did think through every detail - athletes competing in the event; judges who will be scoring them; press members transcribing all their interviews during the Games.

Now, probably, this place will be taken by the former vice-president of the company. Justin Berg is one of the company's old-timers, so it's hoped things won't be affected by the sudden change of his location.

World Weightlifting Championships 2021: expected surprises

The two-week period before the start of this championship has been an interesting time for many people. The Chinese team refused to participate because they did not want to be quarantined upon returning home, which left those who were going to compete in Uzbekistan as contenders with real chances at proving themselves on the competition platform!

The weight category +109 kg among men is where the Georgian Lasha Talakhadze continues to break his own world records. This time, he managed an impressive total of 492kg and broke his last year's Olympic record (488). From a half-ton psychological milestone, it's only 8kg apart!

The world records at this championship were set by two more incredible athletes. In the 81 kg weight category Carlos Nasar (Bulgaria) managed 208kg in his clean and jerk to take home gold for Bulgaria; while Colombian Lesman Paredes Montano snatched 187 kilos during his performance, setting yet another newest record!

The event was a huge success with over 400 athletes from 74 countries competing. The Republic of Korea ranked first in terms of medals won, while Uzbekistan came second and Thailand third place.

 The athlete's guide to winning medals

The new book, COMPETITION DAY-X is an invaluable resource for any competitor. It will teach you how to mentally prepare in each of the three periods before competition as well as give some tips on what your body needs during these precious days leading up to showtime! You'll also learn about psychological safety and why it matters so much when preparing a weight class that suits you best.  

The author of the book, Olympic-level weightlifter Oleksiy Torokhtiy describes his competitive experience and shares mistakes that he has made along with life hacks to help you avoid repeating them in your own training.

In preparation for a competition, one must always be on their toes because anything can happen at any moment!

The book is a great way for you to find your chips so that you can enter the competition in full combat readiness.Inside the book, Oleksiy doesn't give specific instructions on how everyone should do their right thing because every person needs personalization or they will never become successful at anything! Oleksiy doesn't tell you to be a perfect athlete, but he does help with some key points that will get the job done and mentally prepare your mind and body for any day.

Oleksiy offers some great deals for you if weightlifting training is your thing!

Innovations in Olympic qualifications

The qualifying period for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris starts on July 1. At the request of International Olympic Committee, weight categories were reduced from seven to five:

Number on the Olympic Games quota places (licenses) will be additionally played out on continental competitions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Pan-American Union), world championships 2022-2023 and IWF World Cup April 2024. The path to Olympic gold is even more thorny now. According to the new rules, if an athlete happens to be in top nine for two weight categories then their NOC must decide on which category he will compete and they're excluded from all other ratings-a convenient rule for heavyweights and superheavyweight contenders alike! 

The IWF has made a number of major changes to the system for ranking athletes. Athletes are now automatically excluded from the rankings if another compatriot already holds an existing quota, which means that it's much harder than ever to get onto this prestigious stage in Paris! 

What unites basketball, Strongman, cinema, boxing and bodybuilding? Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson!

The Viking spirit of Björnsson drives him to new feats. The former basketball player went into strongman and became the winner, Arnold Strongman Classic 2020! At the same time, he embodied the character of Gregor "The Mountain That Rides" Clegane in the Game of Thrones. In the same 2020, he set a world record in deadlift - he lifted 501 kg. True, it was not counted, because due to the pandemic, he lifted that weight not at official competitions, but at his own sports club. 

Then, the strongman took up boxing and had several fights with amateurs. He dreamed of meeting his former brother, the champion Eddie Hall in an upcoming event that was planned for last fall but he had to face off against arm-wrestling rival Devon Larratt instead."

When it's time for Thor to hang up his gloves, only the gods know. But on Instagram he hints that whatever Hafthor does next will be epic! Inspired by the autobiography of eight-time Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman, Hafthor has set his sights on bodybuilding.

Well, after boxing, when Strongman's fat came off his body, the relief Björnsson had every chance to achieve the bodybuilding goal.

Don't limit yourself! Dream big and take action to make your dreams come true.


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