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Selecting The Top Wrist Straps For Weightlifting

Selecting The Top Wrist Straps For Weightlifting

What should you do when your body is willing to get more but your hands cannot get over the weight? One of the possible solutions is buying the so-called weightlifting straps. However, you should mind how to use them properly to achieve the maximum result. Those with small hands or carpal tunnel syndrome will especially benefit from using straps for weightlifting. Finally, athletes with sweaty palms also share that they enjoy applying this tool.

Straps for lifting assist with many functions. For instance, they make it possible to hold the barbell and mitigate joint stress. It allows adding greater weights while exercising. Most of the muscles then get involved.

The question is how to pick straps for lifting that would fit your particular goals. Let’s have a look at several critical factors.


Make sure that it is:

  • Lasting so that it’s possible to work with heavy weights;
  • Soft to avoid traumas and injuries;
  • Durable so that it can serve your purposes for a while.

What are the most common materials used in production of straps? Those are cotton, nylon, and leather. It depends on what you’re looking for. If you are tight on budget, you may want to consider those made of nylon. Such straps for weightlifting are very cheap, yet rough and low-quality in terms of poor sweat absorption. They may even rub one’s palm. Then, if you are interested in durability, you may choose leather straps, but be ready that they are difficult to maintain. Plus, those are the most pricey options on the market.

As you may guess, I would probably choose cotton weightlifting straps. You will love the touch. They are both soft and simple in care. They absorb sweat very well. These straps are rather durable thanks to the time-tested production tech.


Width and length are the two parameters to consider. Just make sure that the product of your choice is not very narrow. A weightlifting strap should not be this way as it can burn into the palm. It may cause certain injuries during your workouts. Olympic lifting straps are better off when their width is 4cm. Many coaches would confirm these words. Such straps are good for athletes with both wide and narrow hands.

What about the length? It is predetermined by what exactly you need that strap for. What kind of exercises do you plan to do? In any case, working with too long straps for weightlifting is a bad idea. There are certain limits imposed. If you pick to exercise with kettlebells or barbells, the loose ends should not be an obstacle. However, selecting rather short straps is not the best idea as well. They are not really convenient when it comes to high bars. 

You should not bother buying straps of different types. You can save money by choosing the versatile 65cm long weightlifting straps as they are universal.


Out of all existing products, I would highlight two best options: lasso and single loop. There is even no need to ask someone around for help to use such straps. If you are looking for a fair grip, this type of product is the best choice. These weightlifting straps allow doing and finishing exercises easily. Simply unclench your palm, and your workout will be over. No extra effort is required. Remember: split seconds may prevent you from ligament tear and other unpleasant injuries and traumas.

Choosing oly lifting straps is an easy task only if you have some experience. Otherwise, you may want to try various types and sizes to realize which one suits you best. I have faced plenty of ripped straps during my professional career. I have defined their advantages to keep in mind and share with other sport enthusiasts. I can suggest the following features:      

Single loop/V1 Straps

Look at this model first. It is a modernized, improved version of the earlier product. These weightlifting straps are built on completely new technology. Our innovations made it possible for them to hold as much as 370kg of weight. Both of them can handle 700kg. These straps possess double-stitching as an outstanding feature. They are also sewed lengthwise, and the connection point is double-stitched so that we guarantee that this product is highly durable and will serve you a while. Finally, this product does not stretch, and it makes it suitable for clean and jerk, as well as snatch.


Once again, the connection point is double-stitched for higher durability. This strap for weightlifting has leather insets of high quality. The tiny signs will let you know where to put on every strap. This product will not stretch or cause any discomfort.

The product will correspond to your palm’s size, making you feel rather convenient. This one will be perfect for pulls. Also, if you work a lot with the weight, lasso will be helpful.

Lasso with padding

If you enjoy working with lasso, you may love its upgraded version that we offer. Lasso with padding will make your training sessions even more fun. It contains the soft 5mm neoprene pad, which is located right where your hand contacts the item. Lasso PRO gently latches your skin. This enhanced variation of this product is the right option for you if you have a thin skin, which can get irritated fast. Lasso PRO guarantees full convenience during your exercises.

The material is strong cotton. Innovative tech procedures allow pushing straps’ longevity and making this product even more durable. If you do not try different lasso straps for weightlifting, it will be complicated to choose the best good for you. Just listen to your heart and decide which type of straps will fit exactly your exercises and practices.

Keep in mind that buying lifting straps is not the guaranteed way to handle heavy weights and avoid traumas for 100%. These tools are designed to help athletes beyond the line where their hands fail to cope with the weight.


             Stay safe, healthy, and goal-oriented!
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