Leather Weightlifting Belt


by Warm Body Cold Mind TM


The Weightlifting belt is designed to make your workouts more effective. We've spent hundreds of hours designing, prototyping, and testing the perfect weightlifting accessory for you!

This belt is perfect for the everyday gym and the Olympic lifter. WBCM branding is included on the belt tip as well as the portion of the belt that sits across the center of the back. The logo on these belts is debossed creating a unique textured look.

This belt delivers strong, consistent back support and stability through heavy lifts, and is available in a wide range of sizes. 
- is treated with two layers of leather for greater protection and durability;

- the material makes the belt both flexible and durable. Therefore, it can be easily rolled up and placed in a bag and stay comfortably on the body;

- is made from premium leather materials, so it will fit both on your training gear and a naked body;

- affixed double-pronged roller buckle with spaced holes to ensure the perfect fit for you;

- seven length options to choose from, suitable for any athlete;

- solid chrome hardware that won't break;

- rich deep black color;

- fits IWF Standard 10cm height;

- proudly manufactured in UKRAINE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The belt is so comfortable and gives me the security that I need to go heavy with squats.


The belt is a real deal! When you wear it under your t-shirt it feels super comfortable because there's no sticky stuff interference with the movement.

Belly B

What a great product! The packaging was top notch and the quality of the leather is absolutely incredible.


The leather of this belt is great for weightlifting and olympic lifting. It's 4" across the back with tapers to about 2 inches around each side, which makes it very strong and flexible