Elastic Velcro Wrist Wraps


by Warm Body Cold Mind Europe


Designed with the needs of all lifters in mind, these wrist wraps are versatile and flexible wraps that can be worn during any type of intensity workout. This innovative product provides ample wrist support while still allowing free range for motion on your arms - making it perfect when doing cross training workouts, weightlifting and bodyweight moves.


• Measurement - Length 12’’ (30cm) or 18’’ (45cm), width - 3.15’’(7cm);

• Suitable for Men & Women;

• Includes thumb loop for quicker, easier and more effective wrap;

• Stretchy yet durable material allows for both comfort and support.

• Perfect for Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Push Press, Front Squat, kettlebell, Handstand Press, Kipping, Push-ups.

• Sold as a pair.

Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Tilmont
Working great

Really helps reduce stress on my wrists. Also easy to use, love the thumb loop.


I can't say enough good things about these 18" wraps! They are the perfect fit for me and provide much better wrist support than my previous 12 inch ones. The elasticity is just right - not too tight or loose where it feels uncomfortable but still offers great protection against those nasty whip lashes that happen sometimes when you don’t know what's coming at us from all angles


Wrist wraps are an essential part of any weightlifter's equipment arsenal. I found these particular ones to be just right - not too thick but plenty strong for my needs! In fact, they allowed me achieve PR while wearing them during practice sessions


The 18" wraps are perfect for me. They provide much better wrist support and they have just enough elasticity that it doesn't bind my wrists, but instead allows them to be comfortable all session long!

WBCM Customer

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