by Warm Body Cold Mind Europe

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INTRO PROGRAM is aimed at the beginner’s adaptation and preparation for the full training process, as well as to work out the main technical elements of Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

INTRO PROGRAM consists of 2-week cycles of 4 workouts, 2 training sessions in snatch exercises, and two ones in C&J exercises. You can repeat each week 2 times in a turn. The sequence of exercises and their individual elements help to develop organically the correct movement. There are no stress loads in the program, it is possible to perform workouts throughout the week in a row or to alternate training days with days of rest.
The most important component of competitive exercise is the Power position. It is very important to properly practice it from the first training. Therefore each training in INTRO PROGRAM starts with high pull with PVC from the hang.
At the end of each training, an additional load is planned to increase general physical preparation: presses, jumps, ABS, hyperextension.
INTRO PROGRAM is recommended for men and women during the start stage before the sterling training process.

DURATION: 2 weeks (8 sessions)
GOAL: Muscle and technical preparation
GOOD FOR: Weightlifters and functional fitness athletes 
PERIOD: Introductory / Off-season
VOLUME: Average