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«WBCM» Brand Story

    The international brand of sportswear and accessories "Warm Body Cold Mind" (“WBCM”) was founded in 2016 by the Olympic Gold Medalist in weightlifting Oleksiy Torokhtiy. Initially the brand "Warm Body Cold Mind" became famous for the slogan on its t-shirts.

    The “WBCM” t-shirt made its public debut during American baseball player Bryce Harpers first media session of the season in Florida and was casually noted by the Washington Post, ESPN, CBS and Yahoo! Sports and more, who failed to grasp what it means.

(Michael Ares/Palm Beach Post via AP)

In 2017 “WBCM” expanded its range of apparel to sports compression shorts, singlet, accessories such as weightlifting straps, socks, tapes, bags etc. and also a women’s line of t-shirts. Besides brand’s main slogan there are also the “#Focusbitch” t-shirts and straps that are presented by the “WBCM” company.

    In the beginning of 2018 “WBCM” launched its European online store. In the summer of 2018, the trademark of “Warm Body Cold Mind” got approved worldwide.  “WBCM” announced a branding contest with the money prize for the best brand logo. Within a month there were hundreds of submissions from all over the world. All potential logo’s were available online for public commenting and voting. After an open discussion, the winner of the contest became an Italian designer from Milan, Paul Deperson. In his logo concept there is a "W" and an "M" presented as weightlifting discs, reflecting the origin of the brand. This presentation got the most likes from our “WBCM” followers and team.

    Since November 2018 “WBCM” has become available on with brand’s tapes, straps, t-shirts and socks. Also in autumn of 2018, the brand started its first collaboration with a famous weightlifter Rebeka Koha, launching limited edition series of t-shirts.

    Starting from 2019 “Warm Body Cold Mind” was completely rebranded according to the new logo, implementing it on new merchandise and launched an exclusive site  

    And there’s more to come!

    P.S. So what is the meaning behind the brand?

    The Philosophy of "WARM BODY COLD MIND" is the balance between body and mind.  

    The Body is developed to perform at will.  

    The Mind is focused by clearing itself of all distractions.

    The Balance between the two is demonstrated by physical strength (warm body) and mental toughness (cold mind).

    Warm Body Cold Mind isn’t only for the gym... it’s a Lifestyle ... it’s a Movement.

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